Why Being Friends with Benefits Seems Like a Good Idea

Being Friends with Benefits

It’s a common misconception that having sex with your friend will ruin the relationship. We all don’t want to lose our friends just because we went to bed with each other. There are times that our friend attracts us so much that we want to make love to them. But, you hold back and place those passionate thoughts on a shelf because it is a hands-off situation.

An invisible line

Due to the very description of the word ‘friends,’ there exists an invisible line preventing both of you from crossing the barrier. This barrier is that which defines friendship as being platonic. This invisible line can be as thick as the Berlin Wall, making sure that no friend can pass it.

For the good times and bad times

Friendships can last for years and stay platonic. For all the good and bad times you have together, you might never go XXX sex dating. When the relationship is platonic, it means that you don’t get any sex at all!

It’s all in the mind

Society leads us to believe that what defines our relationships should confine us into a box. Friendships are typically non-exclusive relationships. Friends do not have sex. But, there is a plus to this kind of bond when there are benefits.


When friends do have sex, the non-exclusivity also applies to these ‘benefits.’ Due to that, emotions such as jealous do destroy relationships. When these overwhelming emotions are eliminated, there is less headache.

No jealousy

Another thing that one gets rid of would be the ‘suffocation’ that comes from having a partner. That can happen because of jealousy, making the freedom to interact with others limited. There is also that feeling of being tied down to one person. As fabulous as it is to have a commitment, jealousy, might rear its angry head. On the other hand, when there is a friends-with-benefits relationship, jealousy isn’t a factor.

A good idea

To have friends with benefits is a good idea. You can talk about your limits when it comes to having an emotional relationship. Pals can talk things over and try to understand each other.

Another kind of fun

Buddies do have fun together, and having sex is a fun activity. It is another way to get rest and recreation. The mind does place limits on a relationship. We can think out of the box. It is possible to break those chains and be free to enjoy life’s pleasures. One of the most pleasurable things in life is to have sex.

The pleasure

Keep in mind that we are all human and have emotions. People get attached. If a person finds something pleasurable, they want to repeat the experience. To have a friend that goes sex dating with you is a pleasurable thing. So, if ever the other person gets attached to you, it is understandable. It is up to you to talk things over with your ‘fuck buddy’ and work things out.